About Company

PASS+CO UA LLC is the supplier of solutions and services associated with Road Safety.

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PASS + CO UA is the part of the German company PASS + CO.DE, founded in 1852 in the region of Siegen, which is engaged in steel processing and manufactures innovative products for Road Safety.

We link ideas and possibilities in Road Safety, implement the best up to date international solutions in Road Safety in Ukraine and help Ukrainian products to enter international markets.

The main goals

Our Mission


Optimize the existing road projects due to the cost-time effective solutions;


Propose the latest technologies and technical solutions for Road Safety in Ukraine and abroad;


Raise the safeness on the roads inside and outside Ukraine;

Our Markets

Professionals with extensive international experience in Road Safety, as well as reliable partners with personal relations they have built over the years in Germany, USA, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova and other countries.