Destroyed Shulyavska bridge became a major news discussion this week.

Shulyavska bridge is an important transport artery , so we hope that the bridge will be reconstructed in the nearest future.
It is important in the development of design documentation to pay a significant of attention to traffic safety at the site. Inclusion in the reconstruction project of the advanced European technologis could save the lives of residents and guests of the capital.

The photo above shows a bridge barrier system that does not meet regulatory requirements. According to DSTU B V.2.3-12-2004 and European Standard EN 1317-2010 requirement for passive safety systems is conducting crashed tests for road and bridge guardrails. Each system should be tested at least one hitting the car and hitting a bus or truck.


The photos above show the bridge guardrail solutions of “Passo + CO UA” , which are produced at Ukrainian enterprises under license of the German company. The systems have passed all the required crash tests on European tests areas and fully certified according to DSTU B.V.2.3-12-2004 , European standard EN1317-2010. Using the above described bridge barrier systems in many projects both in Europe and in Ukraine (Darnytskyi Bridge and South Bridge in Kyiv) has confirmed the effectiveness of the decision.

European bridge for European capital!

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